Ron’s Photo World


After dabbling with photography for over thirty years and computers for over twenty years the two have come together with digital photography and digital darkrooms. After all those pictures and all that computing I’ve decided to combine the two into this blog.

Each day I’ll look through my collection of photographs which number literally in the tens of thousands and select one or more to post here. Sometimes I’ll manipulate or enhance them using Adobe Photoshop or Gimp or some other imaging program and sometimes I won’t. My goal, if I have one at all, is to find favorite images of my life and the people whose life path has crossed mine and moments that I’ve passed through and share them here.

Some images will spark a flood of memories of “who, what, when, where & why” and others simply will not. Included will be images I cannot possibly have any recollection of as they will predate my birth but they are of those who touched my life in some way.

I hope you enjoy and your feedback is welcome!

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