Dirty Hands

Image of the Day – Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Me in the Backyard Long, Long Ago

Me in the Backyard Long, Long Ago

I almost decided to not only use this picture as a blog entry today I almost decided to never use this as a blog entry. But what the heck? Why not have a sense of humor about things. Naturally I have no idea what’s on my hand that’s gotten my attention but I’m sure it didn’t keep my attention long – few things ever have. There is, however, no shortage of evidence as to what mysterious yuck is on my hand.

There’s the trash can behind me in the photo with the lid clearly removed and at least one something from the trash can removed and duly dropped to the ground. There’s a dog in the background. I don’t know anything about that dog but it does seem to appear in more than one photograph from this time frame which I’d estimate as no later than early 1960.

There’s the dirty wagon and the thought of no telling what’s been in and on that wagon and the worst thought of all is the drooping diaper – maybe my butt itched. Who knows.

The rickety old steps and large fan in the side of the house where an air condition might ought to be remind me of a beginning more humble than I can really recall. I don’t know where the house in this photo is located but if my Aunt sees this in the next few days maybe she could ask my uncle and I’ll update if he remembers.

Photographer, camera type, film type, processing, date and location all unknown other than the location is probably Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I did a touch of cropping with Photoshop, applied the Garmon-Holbert conversion method which I now have as an action and a quick pass with Noiseware Pro and a quick save is all that was done to this image from its original scan.

~ by rfoxx on September 30, 2009.

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