Image of the Day – Monday, September 28, 2009

Mom and Shannon Up To No Good

Mom and Shannon Up To No Good

My mother had a habit of getting the biggest kick from picking on kids. It didn’t matter if it was her child, grandchild or the child of someone else – she’d pick on them. I have no idea where my mom got that habit from and worse still is I have it too! Not nearly to the degree my mother liked it but I love to mess with a kid – especially when they’re at a gullible age.

In today’s photograph I see my daughter sitting in her Honey’s lap and I see the look on my mother’s face and I know just what’s going on here. With book in hand Shannon no doubt wanted Honey to read her a story. There’s little doubt in my mind that my mother concocted some far fetched story that Shannon knew wasn’t right. I know that face. I know that look. I know that feigned glance of innocence. No doubt mom was up to her old tricks again when this photo was taken.

Why this picture is in black and white I have no idea as I didn’t convert it to black and white. A little adjustment in contrast with Photoshop and here you have it – the picture is old and was scanned so it did need some contrast work. I think I’m going to pick on the first kid I come across today in memory of my mother.

~ by rfoxx on September 28, 2009.

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