Sleeping Angel

Image of the Day – Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sleep Angel in Cypress Grove Cemetery - New Orleans

Sleep Angel in Cypress Grove Cemetery - New Orleans

In late May of this year I went on a photowalk with my camera club to photograph New Orleans cemeteries with the theme, “Cities of the Dead”. New Orleans’ cemeteries are indeed a world and place of their own. Old and often damaged by vandalism the Cities of the Dead are dense urban clusters of the no longer living tucked into the urban cluster of the Crescent City. Pathways lined with vaults often over two-hundred years old the dead are stacked on atop the other. The muted voices silenced forever with only the etchings in marble and stone to testify of their existence.

Statuary is a commonplace thing in the Cities of the Dead and as I wandered the dead streets of Cypress Grove I encountered a statue of an angel with eyes closed, head propped in her hand as she sat on a small bench. Tufts of curled hair falling across stone skin where here heavenly robe has slipped off her shoulder. Wings fully flexed and a bouquet of flowers in her lap the angel wears look of eternal contentment as she sleeps forever in her place. The paint flaking off the crown of her head, laying bare the raw stone beneath her shoulder she reposes eternally. Sent to a place of permanent rest and peace the finger made smudges across her forehead bear witness to someone unseen anointing her into a stony slumber.

~ by rfoxx on September 20, 2009.

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  1. This is just beautiful Ron.

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