Three Rivers

Image of the Day – Friday, September 18, 2009

Niko at Three Rivers Petroglyphs in New Mexico

Niko at Three Rivers Petroglyphs in New Mexico

A few days ago I posted a photo of my youngest son, Niko, skateboarding in New Orleans. In that post I mentioned he doesn’t like to have his photograph taken. Today’s picture of the day is of Niko at the Three Rivers Petroglyphs site in New Mexico. The self-guided tour brochure we were following mentioned this specific petroglyph as the single most photographed of the more than 20,000 petroglyphs at the site. We all had our picture taken at this specific petroglyph and the other three members of our party were happily smiling. Niko, however, was forced to take his photo like the rest of us (that’s what it takes to get his picture) and he wasn’t happy about it and refused to smile. I took the picture and was satisfied with myself I’d been able to get the picture I got with as little prodding as it took.

We stayed at the Three Rivers Petroglyph site for a few hours wandering amongst the ancient carvings in the near black volcanic stones. Whipped by a stiff wind blowing off a wide, long plain to our west and gushing up the Sacramento Mountains to the east we marveled at the etchings, pondering the images on the rocks. To our southwest was the White Sands National Monument and to our northwest was the Trinity Test site where the first atomic bomb was tested.

Many times we sat atop the rocks and boulders and looked across the vast plain and off in the distant seeing the shimmering of White Sands beneath a clear blue sky. It was while resting and gazing out across the open desert landscape I accomplished the difficult and rare – I caught Niko completely unaware I’d drawn my camera to my eye and aimed the barrel of the lens directly at him. The kid has a sixth-sense for detecting when his photo is about to be taken. The photo below is easily the best photograph I’ve ever exposed of Niko.

Catching Niko Unaware at Three Rivers Petroglyhs in New Mexico

Catching Niko Unaware at Three Rivers Petroglyhs in New Mexico

Short article describing the Three Rivers Petroglyph Site

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One Response to “Three Rivers”

  1. nice! it was windy when I was there too, perhaps it’s more than coincidence?
    Trinity Site, in New Mexico, is quite interesting, if a person it there the first Saturday of April or October, it is open to the public

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