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Image of the Day – Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Taylor Running Down a Foul Ball

Taylor Running Down a Foul Ball

I don’t seem to get out to the ball park enough to watch my granddaughter play softball. Of course, softball season is over now but already plans are being made and actions taken for the next season. Taylor, her mother and Niko have already worked the concession stand at one LSU football game and have many more to work in raising funds for the 2010 tournament season. I give my daughter and granddaughter credit for their hard work and dedication to Taylor’s athletic endeavors. Niko gets two thumbs up as well because working a concession stand at an LSU is a full day’s work – fast paced worked at that.

This photo was taken in 2008 of Taylor running down a foul ball in a game played in Walker, Louisiana. The braces are now off her teeth and replaced with a beautiful smile of straight, pretty teeth but the intensity you see in her eyes here burns even hotter. Notice the tensed right hand fingers and the plum of dust kicked up her right foot. Taylor didn’t make the catch on this play (the ball fell out of play into the area just beyond the fence) but she made several good plays in this game and on this day. Of the positions she plays it’s watching Taylor play catcher I most enjoy. If for no other reason than it’s a great position for me to get good shots of her playing. Not to mention the girl is a bad a** catcher!

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