Front Yard Pony

Image of the Day – Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Mom on a Pony in the Front Yard circa 1943-1944

My Mom on a Pony in the Front Yard circa 1943-1944

Very little is known about today’s image other than it’s my mother on a pony in what I believe to be her front yard when she was, by me best guess, two or three years old.

I have the vaguest memory of my mom once saying of this photograph that a man used to come around once in awhile with a pony and camera in tow and take photographs of children on the pony and this picture was taken by the unknown photographer in the front yard of her house. There’s simply too little background showing for me to compare this with other photos to even venture a guess at where she was living at the time the photograph was taken and anyone who would be privy to the information is no longer alive. The only person close enough would be my uncle and I’m of the opinion he either wasn’t born when yet or would have been to young at the time to have any recollection.

Despite the lack of information and facts about the time and place the photo was taken it still remains one of my favorites. I suppose it’s a favorite because of the mystery involved and photographs of my mother at such a young age are few and far between.

~ by rfoxx on September 10, 2009.

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