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Image of the Day – Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Niko Skateboarding on Basin Street in New Orleans

Niko Skateboarding on Basin Street in New Orleans

June past for Father’s Day Lys and Rayne had an opportunity to spend the weekend on the Gulf Coast. Lys was upset the opportunity came the weekend of Father’s Day but I insisted she and Rayne go on their trip. Without my wife and daughter I celebrated my Father’s Day in New Orleans with my sons Niko and Brandon and a few friends. We visited as many sites in the French Quarter area of New Orleans that are on the National Register of Historic Places.

We’d just finished a visit to the St Louis No 1 Cemetery when this photo was taken of my youngest son Niko skateboarding along the sidewalk on Basin Street heading south towards Canal Boulevard. Niko likes his skateboard in the way I liked my bike when I was his age and his chance to do some “urban boarding” was a big part of his day. Niko’s not keen on having his photograph taken so I usually have to force him into it or simply catch him doing something from behind. “From behind” photos seldom work but this one did.


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