Lys Be Dam’d

Image of the Day – Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lys Deep in the Bowels of Hoover Dam

Lys Deep in the Bowels of Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is one of the great engineering and construction wonders of the world and certainly was so at the time of its construction. Located about a half hour outside of Las Vegas, Nevada the dam bottles up the mighty Colorado River and straddles the state lines of Nevada and Arizona. Additionally the boundary between the Mountain and Pacific time zones cuts through the center of the dam as well.

During our trip last year to Las Vegas we took a tour of the dam and had opportunity to take the “standard” tour of the “full” tour and given we’d been going first class the whole week decided on the full tour. We were guided throughout the dam from top to bottom seeing the electricity generating turbines, the tunneling system of pipes and conduits that siphon water to smaller and smaller and more powerful streams of water and eventually out the other side of the dam where the Colorado River continued its course to Mexico’s Baja.

This photo of Lillie was taken several hundred feet below the summit of the dam during the later part of the tour. It was near this tunnel we had pointed out to us a small, black box neatly tucked into a corner. It was a seismograph to record any earth tremors the dam was exposed to which was an unnerving thought. I didn’t know if the tour would be all that interesting as it’s only a dam and I’d already seen the National Geographic program about the dam and its construction. I was as wrong as wrong could be – the tour was interesting, informative and fun. Our tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable and answered to our satisfaction any questions we or other group members posed.

It is our opinion no visit to Las Vegas would be complete without a tour of this fabulous engineering marvel.

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