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Image of the Day – Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Mother and "Aunt" Carol in a Photo Booth

A few weeks or so ago I posted a photo taken in a photo booth of myself while I was in Boot Camp in Waukegan, Illinois. This image I stumbled upon trolling through old images from the family photo albums I’d scanned a few years back. I must say this is one of the least flattering photographs of my mother I am in possession of but I won’t let that dissuade me from sharing. We all have those moments when we don’t look our best regardless the effort we may have put forward to do so.

Simple tops of contrasting color, at least so in grayscale, the simple pleated curtain background and two young ladies simply adorned caught in that surprising moment when the flash burst to life as they both looked down at the small, cheap lens just below the “LOOK HERE” sign posted before them just below eye level.

As dire and unassuming as these two young ladies appear in this photograph I find it hard to believe it was anything but being caught off guard by a flash and shutter release they expected about three seconds later than it actually occurred. These two ladies, close friends for many years, were always loud and boisterous together and I can only assume this night would have been no different.

As you may well know my mother is no longer alive and as for “Aunt” Carol – I just don’t know. I haven’t heard from her or spoken to her in over twenty years. Aunt Carol, should you run across this blog by chance you’re remembered fondly.

~ by rfoxx on September 2, 2009.

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