A Night Out – 60s Style

Image of the Day – Sunday, August 30, 2009

Les and Maureen Butler

Les and Maureen Butler

Meet Les and Maureen Butler. Maureen was my mother’s best friend for many years and Les served in the Navy with my dad. I won’t go into what two Navy men were doing stationed in the decidedly non-military town of Baton Rouge but suffice it to say it happened. I either never knew or don’t recall how Les and Maureen met but it was through them that my mom and dad met each other in a small house two doors down from where we used to live on Fairfield Avenue in Baton Rouge.

This image was most likely taken with an early model Polaroid Land camera as I have in my possession several images that look the same. There was some sort of liquid that had to be wiped over the photograph – likely a fixer of some sort – and if it wasn’t done exactly right streaks would eventually appear on the photo. You can clearly see them in this scan of the original. I have no idea where this picture was taken but I’m inclined to think it was taken by my dad when the couples were out on the town and for some reason I want to think they were in a place called “Chez When” as I seem to recall them frequenting the place. The Chez When eventually became a strip club and still later changed names and is now what appears to be a hip hop dance club. The building is very near the Earl K. Long Charity Hospital on Airline Highway in Baton Rouge.

Sadly both Master Chief Petty Officer Les Butler and his wife Maureen who he affectionately called “Shorty” are now deceased. I scanned this image I’d scanned to forward to Maureen’s youngest daughter Karen who is a lifelong friend. I did what I could to repair the image for Karen before sending and the repaired image is below.

Les and Maureen Butler

Les and Maureen Butler

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One Response to “A Night Out – 60s Style”

  1. Ronnie you made me cry when I saw the picture of my parents so long ago. You made my night. If you haven’t guessed it’s Donna. After I lost mama I truley thought that I wouldn’t lose anybody agian for a while, but sadly I lost my husband of 31 years in 2006. Thanks for the memories. Donna

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