Golden Photo Op

Image of the Day – Saturday, August 29, 2009

Goldie - The self-described Best Photo Op in New Orleans

Goldie - The self-described Best Photo Op in New Orleans

I regret still I took this image in black and white mode but I was on a photo walk with my camera club and our shooting this day was to be done in black and white only. Why I didn’t switch back to color for a few shots of this fellow I have no idea. Be that as it may he’s quite a colorful character.

He goes by the name of “Goldie” and with good reason. He paints himself in glittering gold and wears bright golden clothing. In the French Quarter where artists and musicians and street entertainers are on virtually every corner performing Goldie doesn’t perform anything. He simply touts himself as “the best photo op in New Orleans”. If you want a picture with him you drop a dollar or two in his palm and take your picture. The man actually makes a living at this and as off the wall as it may seem I give him credit for making an honest living.

Where ever he may roam in the French Quarter his wife is always nearby sitting on a curb having a cigarette and keeping a close eye on him. When she thinks he’s gotten enough money in his pocket she empties his pockets of said money and takes her place again on a nearby curb.

I frequently run into Goldie when I visit the French Quarter and always make it a point to stroll over and say hello to him and have done so enough times that he now calls me by name at we have a moment or two of lighthearted banter and then go our separate ways. I need to get down there again soon and find him and get a color photograph of New Orleans’ own best photo op.

~ by rfoxx on August 29, 2009.

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