Dead Calm

Image of the Day – Wednesday, August 26, 2006

Encroaching Storm over St Roch Cemetery in New Orleans

Encroaching Storm over St Roch Cemetery in New Orleans

Last spring sometime I received an email from a lady about my age named Soile (soy-YEH), a photographer from Stockholm, Sweden. She was planning a visit to the United States and wanted more than any other place in America to see New Orleans. She contacted me because she liked my New Orleans street photography and wanted to know if I was interested in spending an afternoon on a photo walk of New Orleans cemeteries with her. Of course I was interested to show her New Orleans and to get a chance to shoot another New Orleans cemetery.

Today’s image is from that photo walk in the St. Roch Cemetery and Campo Santo. You may recall an earlier image on this blog of the Miracle Room located inside the Campo Santo. The day we arrived at St. Roch the weather was ominous to say the least as this picture testifies. The incoming storm loomed large over the cemetery and leveled a hot, humid dead calm over the already dead. I quickly took as many pictures as I could before the imminent downpour arrived and this is one of my favorites of those hurried shots. Shortly after this picture was exposed the rain began to fall first in a few large drops as we scurried from the open into the Campo Santo to ride out the downpour that followed.

We went on to photograph the Camp Santo and after the brief but furious storm passed us by spent about an hour in the cemetery taking photographs before heading off to the French Quarter for more shooting and the obligatory visit to Bourbon Street and its splendid sleaze.

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