The Banned Band Photo

Image of the Day – Sunday, August 23, 2009

Barry of Evercrest Jamming Away

Barry of Evercrest Jamming Away

Breaking my own unwritten rule is today’s photograph. I never intended to address the same subject matter twice in the same month much less on consecutive days but this is too good to pass up. The image you see above was refused admission by one Flickr group and led to a lifetime ban from another with no other explanation than, “And now banned sorry”. This morning I pulled my full sized, high resolution copy up and looked and looked for what might have led to such a harsh reaction from two groups (so far). I can not find anything wrong with the photograph. My original was shot in RAW file format and all the information, including my camera’s make, model and serial number are included as proof of ownership of the original image and more information about the shot than anyone could possibly ask for.

The irony of it is this has quickly become one of the most viewed images in my Flickr stream and on a few other photo sites to which I belong. The composition is outstanding – good use of the rule of thirds; inclusion of S-curves and straight lines; bright, vivid colors; eye-popping contrast; clearly defined depth of field and an obvious main subject (his hands) that grabs the eyes and from there the viewer’s eyes roam outward to take in the entire image – a classic photography ploy. Frankly, given the subject matter and considering the difficult conditions under which it was shot the image is near text book perfect.

So now for the first time in my 32 years of photography I have had an image banned and if asked how I would have felt about that happening wouldn’t have been happy about the idea. However, my actual reaction is one of pride and rebellion. Further irony is the band I photographed Friday night past is a hard driving, in your face, jet engine loud trio of rock-n-roll “bad boys”. Somehow it all seems to fit together quite nicely.

All in all the refusal to allow this photo for submission to one group and the cause of me being banned from another has me, as a photographer, ecstatic and I’ll use this photo many times going forth as my stamp of approval to move forward with my desire to photograph rock bands and be like my subject – hard driving, in your face with the only thing professional about me being the finished product.

Of the tens of thousands of images I’ve taken in my lifetime I’ve never had one give me such a thrill and stoke my natural sense of rebellion! One more thing – I think it’s hilarious that a picture of a band got me banned!

You can see the entire photo set I shot that night here.

I guess some people have a problem with rock-n-roll bands. After completing this post and going back to my Flickr stream I found the picture below has been banned from yet another Flickr group. One refusal and two bans in less than forty-eight hours.

Baton Rouge area bands – get in touch with me about photographing your group and see if your band can get me banned.

The Band that got me Banned

The Band that got me Banned

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