Cake and Shisha

Image of the Day – Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lys having birthday cake at the Hooka Lounge

Lys having birthday cake at the Hooka Lounge

It was a windy night in Las Vegas with gusts reaching a city record of sixty-six miles an hour. To duck out of the wind and dust kicked up from the tempest Lys and I stopped into a hookah lounge and had a bowl of shisha and tea. We had such an enjoyable time we decided to stop in a few days later. It was the only thing we did twice in out visit to Las Vegas.

The second trip to the lounge found us in the middle of a birthday party for one of the patrons. We were the only American-born people in the lounge – surrounded by Saudis, Lebanese, Egyptians, Syrians and Ethiopians and one very talented belly dancer. We couldn’t have found a better time anywhere in Las Vegas that night. Before long we were talking with the other patrons on the lounge – then dancing with the belly dancer and patrons and finally invited to enjoy in the singing of “Happy Birthday” and to have a slice of cake with the birthday boy.

Today’s picture is Lys being fed a slice of birthday cake by one of the patrons – the birthday boy. We don’t recall any names and many of the faces have since faded from our memory but as it turned out we had a fantastic time with a group of very friendly, very outgoing and very festive people who were more than happy to share in their festivities with visiting strangers.

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