Sportsmanship … It Counts

Image of the Day – Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brandon outside the stadium at Florida State University

Brandon outside the stadium at Florida State University

A few years ago my son Brandon and I decided to take a football road trip and found ourselves making the seven hour drive east along I-10 to Tallahassee, Florida to attend the Florida State vs Virginia game. The one thing we learned most from this trip and one the next season to Kyle Field in College Station, Texas – when it comes to tailgating and stadium noise neither of those supposedly loud, boisterous stadiums can hold a candle to LSU’s Tiger Stadium.

With that in mind we attended the game on a crisp fall afternoon and had a great time and though not nearly as loud or enthusiastic as LSU fans were quite friendly and welcoming. It was a great time for my son and I to take in a football game on another team’s turf and to learn another team’s cheers and traditions and to participate with thousands of others in cheering the Seminoles on to victory.

This photo was taken outside the stadium where on each side there were erected football themed statues. This one pictured was our favorite with a downed player being helped to his feet by, one would presume, the player who knocked him on his butt.

On this day the game belonged to the Seminoles of Florida State and the close, exciting game we’d hoped for never materialized as the Seminoles blanked the Cavaliers by a 33-0 count.

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