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Image of the Day – Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Me and Rosie Ledet

Me and Rosie Ledet

So far as music is concerned I’ve always been partial classic rock, blues rock, hard rock and the blues. I’ve listened to zydeco and it’s ok but it’s not anything I ever considered a favorite kind of music. That is until I heard Rosie Ledet. Zydeco music as a genre is almost entirely the domain of males so to see a female zydeco musician is a bit different. I discovered her music about six or seven years ago and have followed her career since that time.

About four years ago we had opportunity to see Rosie perform live at a small club in Baton Rouge. During the break in her show she stepped off stage and mingled with the crowd and took pictures with her fans. Naturally I couldn’t resist and unfortunately walked away with two awful photos for my efforts the better of the two is today’s image of the day.

If you’ve never listened to Rosie Ledet’s music look her up – she adds a certain sexiness to zydeco that no other zydeco player can touch!

~ by rfoxx on August 5, 2009.

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