Let It Snow

Image of the Day – Monday, August 3, 2009

Shannon in a Virginia Beach Snow Fall circa 1979

Shannon in a Virginia Beach Snow Fall circa 1979

Living in Virginia Beach, Virginia in the late 1970s with my ex-wife and young daughter and for each of us we experienced our first winter “up north”. While I admit Virginia Beach doesn’t conjure up mental images of the frozen tundra it was to us “up north”. My ex-wife hailing originally from Miami, Florida and then south Louisiana and myself and daughter native Louisianians to us anything north of Jackson, Mississippi is up north.

Being situated along the coast where the Chesapeake Bay flows into the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach isn’t known for it’s heavy snow fall. However, our second full winter in Virginia Beach proved to be the one in which the are received record snow falls. The first few snow storms dropped four to six inches each before the heavens opened up and dumped as best I recall either 22 or 24 inches of snow and was so bad it actually closed down the Norfolk Naval Base and Oceana Naval Air Station – both firsts. Virginia Beach would that year receive more snow than Buffalo, New York.

This image was taken of Shannon during one of the first smaller snow falls and was her first time in snow. As I recall Shannon’s only comments about the snow was, “Cold, daddy, cold.” Cold or not I wanted a picture of my daughter in the snow to send back home to Louisiana. This is the picture taken that cold, snowy day and sent back home to warm Louisiana much to the delight of Shannon’s grandparents.

~ by rfoxx on August 3, 2009.

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  1. Argh–snow! I am trying to remember that it is still August.

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