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Image of the Day – Thursday, July 23, 2009

Myself and Kirby circa 1980

Myself and Kirby circa 1980

I’ve heard men who’ve experienced the horror of combat refer to something called the “fog of war”. I believe each of us experiences something akin to the “fog of time”. This photo was taken at a kegger in Virginia Beach, Virginia in about 1980. I can actually remember this photo being taken despite my obviously inebriated condition. The thing that gets me is looking at this photo that’s been in my collection for almost thirty years and trying to remember much more than that.

The man standing with me is named Kirby Meade and he was a photographer in the U.S. Navy at the time along with myself. That’s about all I remember about this moment. The house I can recall vividly yet I can’t remember what we called the place – we’d given it a name yet it fails me. I can’t remember where Kirby is from and I have no recollection at all about what we were celebrating – if we were celebrating anything at all.

It would appear I came to the party directly from being on duty based on the clothes I have on. I must have known I was going to go to the kegger after duty and brought a t-shirt and belt with me because the jeans I have on are regular issue U.S. Navy dungaree pants – they are easy to spot with the pockets stitched to the outside and very front of the trousers. The Navy didn’t like a sailor’s hands in his pockets and that configuration made it all but impossible to stand with hands in pocket.

I do remember this about Kirby Meade though – he was a very quiet, polite, kind person and one helluva photographer. I miss Navy photographers if for no other reason than they liked candid shots in black and white and the printing was almost always impeccable.

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