That Sweet Smile

Image of the Day – July 20, 2009

Orangutan Smiling at me at the Audubon Zoo

Orangutan Smile at me at the Audubon Zoo

I didn’t make a post yesterday as the family unit and myself arose early, hustled to get dressed, choke down a cup of coffee and out the door we went. Stopping briefly for a McDonald’s breakfast on the go we made the 90 minute trip from our home to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. Though the day was a typical hot, humid Louisiana day it wasn’t as hot as it had been of late and there was no real chance of rain.

I hadn’t been to the Audubon Zoo in over twenty years, Lys had never been and Niko and Rayne hadn’t been since they were in their early years of elementary school. As it turned out we spent over six hours in the zoo and it turned out to be a fantastic zoo visit that was easily the most interesting I’d ever taken. We were fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time most of the day seeing an elephant exhibition and evening getting to touch an elephant. We also seemed to be in the right place to see a number of animals during their feeding. We saw monkeys, alligators fed and in a “National Geographic moment” saw a jaguar consuming his meal of what I can only describe as a slab of raw or near raw meat.

As you can imagine after six hours on our feet and exposed to the sun and heat and humidity we were exhausted after taking in so much. I noticed the kids were slowing down, I was slowing down and Lys was limping and slowing down. We’d reached the end of our day and as we made our way to the exit we passed the orangutan enclosure just as the beasts were making their way quickly from the open to the shade and cool of their man made cave. Just as the last of the two orangutans was about to enter the cool darkness he turned and looked directly at me and appeared to have a smile on his face. I took over three-hundred pictures at the zoo yesterday and this was the very last one I snapped.

Nice to see the citizens of the Audubon Zoo turn and give you a “thanks for visiting” look on your way out. It was also a nice day spent having good clean fun with my family. There just never seem to be enough of those kind of days.

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