At the “Bar”

Image of the Day – Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dad and Shannon at the Bar

Dad and Shannon at the Bar

This is my dad and his granddaughter, Shannon. It wasn’t uncommon to find my dad sitting in the last chair of the bar near the telephone. If he wasn’t laying on the couch watching the oldest movie he could possibly find on television in his retirement he could usually be found sitting where you see him now.

The bar wasn’t in the house originally when my parents bought the place in 1973 but was installed shortly after. As I recall the man doing the work got most of it done and took a long time before he got back to finish the job which wasn’t much more than lay the formica top and trim it out. I do remember having breakfast at that bar when it was bare wood. Again relying on recollection, the agreed upon price for the job was $200 and the man who performed the work never came by for his money. That’s how I remember it anyway.

The area around the telephone remained virtually unchanged the entire twenty-eight years the house was occupied by my family. The chalk/cork board for notes had been part of the house as long as I can recall. Littered with stickers from the various junior high and high schools my brother, sister and myself attended as well as various notes, business cards, brochures and, if you look closely near the colorful note paper in its holder, canisters of exposed film to be taken for processing.

I see now why my dad wanted that bar in the house because in looking back over pictures taken when my parents lived in that house on O’Leary Avenue many of them were taken at or near that bar – it was in many ways the “nerve center” of that house for as long as my parents resided there. Sitting in one of the three bar stools or standing around the bar I consumed many a meal and cold beer and shared untold numbers of laughs as well as a few tears.

Greatest Images of Our Time – The Girl With The Green Eyes

Afghan Girl Featured on a National Geographic cover in 1985

Afghan Girl Featured on a National Geographic cover in 1985

Haunting. Piercing. Fearful. Angry. Confused. Any number of emotions one can think of is found in the face of this young Afghan girl photographed by National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry. McCurry was on assignment in 1984 along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. At the time Afghanistan was engaged in a long and bloody war with invading Russian forces and the war had driven several million Afghans into refugee camps in neighboring Pakistan.

The photograph appeared on the cover of the June, 1985 edition of National Geographic and instantly became one of those rare photographs that is burned forever into our mind’s eye. Her name is Sharbat Gula, and she is Pashtun, that most warlike of all Afghan tribes. Her eyes burn with the ferocity of a warrior in the face of a young girl.

Sharbat (no one outside of her tribe knew her name before 2002) is 28 years old, or maybe 29 years old, or maybe 30 years old. In 2002 National Geographic’s “Explorer” television program brought McCurry back to Pakistan in search of the girl with the green eyes. It took some doing but the Sharbat was located and reunited with Steven McCurry. As it turns our McCurry has taken the only two photographs of Sharbat in her lifetime.

Sharbat Gula in 2002

Sharbat Gula in 2002

National Geographic’s website has the story as told by the photographer, Steven McCurry, and it’s worth watching to get the story first hand from those involved.

The Story of the Girl With the Green Eyes – A Life Revealed

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