To Thy Cross

Image of the Day – Friday, July 17, 2009

Monument in Lafayette Cemetery No 1 - New Orleans, LA

Monument in Lafayette Cemetery No 1 - New Orleans, LA

It reads, “Simply To They Cross I Cling” and on this day of shooting in the Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 in the historic Garden District of New Orleans this monument caught my attention. I shot probably a dozen images or so of this monument on my photowalk of this cemetery in April, 2008 so captured was I by this child’s grave.

The cemeteries of New Orleans for reasons I cannot explain hold a fascination with me. Perhaps because they are so old or so unique in their above ground burial vaults and crypts – I can’t say. What I do know is the old and interesting cemeteries of the Crescent City draw me like bug to a light on a muggy Louisiana summer night.

I’ll be shooting this afternoon in the St Roch Cemetery of New Orleans so be prepared for more of the macabre and eerie imagery that’s a part of New Orleans’ “Cities of the Dead”

NOTE: I don’t know how long I’ll do this and I won’t include it in every post but I’d like to start including with the “Image of the Day” from my life I’d also like to include an image I deem to be an iconic image that shows the power and emotion of the still photographic image.
Greatest Images of Our Time – The Tank Man of Tiananmen Square

The Tank Man of Tiananmen Square - Beijing, China

The Tank Man of Tiananmen Square - Beijing, China

Tank Man of Tiananmen Square as I call him is an anonymous man who who gained sweeping international recognition when he was photographed and videotaped during one of the many protests at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China in 1989. Simply dressed in dark slacks, light shirt and hat the man became an iconic symbol of defiance, rebellion and freedom. Standing before a column of Chinese Type 59 battle tanks he stopped their progress towards the square and the thousands of his countrymen protesting the harsh Communist regime that summer.

Once he’d brought the column to a halt the man climbed atop the lead tank and appeared to be calling into various ports on the lead tank’s turret. Shortly The Tank Man climbed to the top of the turret and appeared to have a conversation with a crew member of the tank. After the conversation ended the man alighted from the tank and the tanks we restarted and placed into gear to continue on their way the Tank Man quickly stood in the tank’s path and reestablished the flesh versus steel standoff.

Two figures in blue attired pulled the Tank Man away and they disappeared into the crowd and the tanks continued on their way. The Tank Man’s identity remains a mystery to this day and little is known about him or the tank commander he talked to. Various rumors have said the Tank Man was executed anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months after the infamous incident while still other rumors have the unknown Tank Man living in hiding in mainland China and still others place him alive in Taiwan.

Regardless what happened to the anonymous Chinese patriot he has become an enduring symbol of defiance in the face of overwhelming odds when freedom is the reward.

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