Image of the Day – Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lys and I at a Redneck Bar

Lys and I at a Redneck Bar

Not far from where we live is a fairly large “redneck” bar – or “country bar depending on your political sensibilities. The place is quite popular on weekend nights with live music, cold beer, a number of billiards tables and a large dance floor. As much as that may all sound nice and like a lot of fun on the surface the place is over crowded, it takes forever to get a beer at the bar, there are few if any waitresses working the floor and when you do get a beer they treat you like they just did you a favor. All things being equal it’s disappointing a place with such potential to be a great place near home to hang out is so miserable at actually running the place.

Be all that as it may this is a quick snapshot taken of my bride and myself at “End of the Line” in 2004 on what was probably one of your last visits to one of the worst bars I’ve been to as far as customer service with the potential to have been a regular weekend pit stop.

~ by rfoxx on July 14, 2009.

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