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Image of the Day – Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lightning from my Front Yard Looking West

Lightning from my Front Yard Looking West

Rain. One of the things south Louisiana is known for (we typically get over 50 inches per year) has been a rare commodity this summer to date. We’ve had a very dry, hot, humid summer that’s made being outdoors almost unbearable. On yesterday evening I thought I heard the rumblings of an approaching thunderstorm and stepped out my front door to look. Sure enough dark, ominous clouds were approaching from the west and just to the north of where I live.

I took my camera, mounted it to a tripod and sat in my front yard waiting for that oh so elusive lightning shot. Unfortunately because of the trees I saw very few bolts of lightning from my location and mostly what I got was flashes of light across the sky. When I did finally see a bolt of lightning I did manage to capture it but I’d adjusted my camera angle to get more sky in the viewfinder and the rain had begun to fall. Consequently the composition is terrible and a drop of rain had fallen on my UV filter – time to go inside.

I’ve never gotten a “gee-whiz” lightning shot but will continue to grab the shot when the opportunity presents itself. Today’s image was the best shot of lightning I got last night but I have my hopes up – it’s a rainy day in south Louisiana this morning!

~ by rfoxx on July 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Just Missed”

  1. What you caught was pretty awesome, I thought.

    I’ve never been able to catch a flash of lightning either, but I’ve tried a thousands times, LOL.

    We have alot of storms roll through here in the summer months, so maybe I’ll try again next storm we have.


  2. The photo is WOW! Love it!

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