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Image of the Day – Friday, July 3, 2009

Me with LSU's 2003 Football National Championship Trophy

Me with LSU's 2003 Football National Championship Trophy

The subject was bound to come up and this is that time – I must confess to being a purple and gold bleeding LSU Fighting Tigers football fan. Truth be known if LSU fields a team in any sport then LSU is my favorite team in that sport. That’s it, end of story. Geaux Tigers.

With that said it’s also worth mentioning I was born in 1958, the year LSU won their first football national championship. I was always thrilled I’d been born that year and could say truthfully my team had finished number one in my lifetime. Every time I’d set foot in Tiger Stadium to watch my beloved Tigers over the years I would look towards the northeast corner of the stadium and look at a lone flag fluttering atop a flagpole set off on its own atop the rim of the stadium. Emblazoned on the flag in purple in gold is simply, “1958 National Champions”. Each time I gazed at that flag I would say the same thing, “Lord, just let me live long enough to remember one.” Years turned to decades and LSU’s football fortunes rose and collapsed over that time but never did my Tigers really come close to another national championship.

That all changed in 2003 when most unexpectedly LSU put together a dream of a season, won the Southeastern Conference title and stormed into the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana before a rabid partisan crowd to capture the Tiger’s first national crown in forty-five years. To say I was elated would be an understatement.

A few days after capturing the 2003 college football title LSU’s national championship trophy went on a short tour of south Louisiana allowing fans to see the trophy up close and have their photo taken with it. Needless to say there was no way I was going to miss this opportunity.

Today’s image is a near-perfect example of a grown man feeling like a kid. I got my picture with the national championship trophy that day. I was in Tiger Stadium a few days later to see a second national championship flag raised over Tiger Stadium. My short, silly prayer I uttered to myself each time upon entering Tiger Stadium over the years had been answered – I lived long enough to remember the LSU Tigers winning it all.

Ironically a few years later in 2007 LSU claimed another national title bringing their total to three. I had only hoped for one, I’d never dared even consider living to see two titles. I was in Tiger Stadium the day a third national championship flag was hoisted up the no longer barren flagpole.

I have to say, three national championship flags look good on the northeast rim of Tiger Stadium. Know what? I want to live long enough to see a second flagpole now!

Raising the 2007 National Championship Flag Over Tiger Stadium

Raising the 2007 National Championship Flag Over Tiger Stadium

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