Shaking With The Governor

Image of the Day – Thursday, June 25, 2009

Me and Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal

Me and Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal

A few months ago my employer was visited by the governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal. I openly admit with pride I’m politically conservative and almost without fail tend to vote the Republican party. I twice voted for Governor Jindal in Louisiana’s gubernatorial elections with him winning the office the second time he ran.

The company I work for was given a grant from the State of Louisiana for capital improvements that would lead to creating new jobs in the state. The company is adding roughly 85,000 square feet of new shop space including a paint shop that will create thirty-five new permanent jobs. We currently send all of our fabricated steel that requires painting out of state and will no longer have to do so.

Governor Jindal had campaigned on a promise to help build Louisiana business to create jobs in Louisiana and came by one afternoon to meet us congratulate us on the job we’re doing. In an ongoing recession we’re still growing and hiring, though at a slower pace, down here in south Louisiana.

This is a picture taken with a cell phone camera so the quality is marginal at best but I have a picture of me shaking hands with the man that one day me be president of the United States. It doesn’t hurt that Bobby Jindal and I share the same hometown!

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