White Sand

Image of the Day – Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lys at White Sands

Lys at White Sands

In May, 2008 we took a weeklong trip to southeastern New Mexico in the Carlsbad Caverns area. I have to admit based on that one week in New Mexico and there is absolute truth in the saying that the state is enchanting. Much to my surprise the desert was alive with life and ablaze in color during the spring blooming season. A notable exception was the White Sands area.

With many square miles of stunning white dunes White Sands can be seen from a score of miles distant glowing brilliant white on the horizon. Oddly, the dunes at White Sands aren’t actually sand but are composed of gypsum. To our surprise gypsum doesn’t get as hot as sand under a blazing sun such as we faced on our visit and the gypsum was cool to the touch even under the midday sun.

Today’s image is of a barefoot Lys strolling across the summit of one of the many “sand” dunes in White Sands. Using an umbrella to keep the relentless sun off her she was still able to walk across White Sands comfortably in bare feet.

Today’s image is just as it was shot and has had no post-processing – I didn’t even feel a need to crop as this shot turned out just fine the way it is.

~ by rfoxx on June 23, 2009.

One Response to “White Sand”

  1. No matter how hard you try, one always leave White Sands with gypsum in their underwear. Fact.

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