Painting the Town

Image of the Day – Friday, June 19, 2009

Street Artist in New Orleans

Street Artist in New Orleans

A few months ago my camera club took a photowalk in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Our “assignment” for that photowalk to shoot New Orleans street life in black and white. It was from that “assignment” I acquired this image. The artist was a bit gruff and withdrawn but he did open up and talk to me a little with some prodding. I never got his name or it now fails me but he’d been painting most of his life. Never taking a class or course in painting he’d always relied on his natural talents and embraced art as an integral part of his life. “Art is everything and everywhere” is one of the short bursts of single sentence and one-word responses he offered to queries.

As mentioned I shot all in black and white that day but I found this artist to be too colorful in his own way to leave a picture of him without any color at all. I added a few blank layers, chose some basic colors and added the color to the painting to give this image a splash of color and thus a splash of the art this is everywhere.

Should you find yourself in New Orleans and wish too look for this artist he can be found on Royal Street behind the St Louis Cathedral near Pirate’s Alley.

~ by rfoxx on June 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Painting the Town”

  1. I love this picture! Did you do it in Photoshop? Beautiful.

    • Yes, Michelle, the original image was post-processed using Adobe Photoshop CS2… I know, I know… I really need to upgrade.

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