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Image of the Day – Thursday, June 18, 2009

Overlooking the Grand Canyon - Feb. 14, 2008

Overlooking the Grand Canyon - Feb. 14, 2008

The day Lys and I spent at the Grand Canyon was wonderful beyond description. If you’ve never seen the Grand Canyon you simply must see it in your lifetime. Pictures, no matter how beautiful, simply cannot capture the scale and majesty of the vista before your eyes.

This image is quite similar to the one used in my banner at the top of this page. It’s one of many similar shots I took that day. This particular one is fairly well modified though I don’t recall everything I did to the original image to get to this point. However, this much I do remember – I applied LucisArt’s “Sculpture” and “Exposure” filters to the canyon and sky then with a duplicate layer desaturated the sky, inserted a layer mask and removed the canyon part of the scene from the desaturated layer. A double application of Noiseware Pro gave the image a final whispy, soft feel. This image was shot through a polarizing filter to bring out the clouds and I’m very glad I had a polarizer for that very reason.

The day was drawing to a close as you can see from the long shadows cast across the canyon which here is roughly a mile wide. The north rim of Grand Canyon is in the middle left part of the picture and the south rim running from center of the image to the right. The light and shadows across this great expanse were not only stunning but almost alive as the clouds and sun played to cause both to be in constant movement across the landscape. There simply was nothing but good shots to be had at every turn this day.

~ by rfoxx on June 18, 2009.

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