Mawmaw’s Den

Image of the Day – Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Me in my grandparent's den circa 1966-67

Me in my grandparent's den circa 1966-67

I have no recollection at all of this photo being taken, however, I know just where the picture was taken. That’s me at about nine or ten years old in my grandparents den on West Belfair Drive in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I have many memories that occurred in that particular room of that red brick house. From this room and the adjoining kitchen my family weathered Hurricane Betsy in 1965. The den had a door that led into the garage and from that door I first looked out upon the flooding left by one of the two worst hurricanes to ever hit Baton Rouge. Only Hurricane Gustav in 2008 can compare to Betsey as the strongest hurricane recorded in Baton Rouge.

From this room sometime in the mid-1960s was a console black and white television. At the time a color television was unusual rather than the norm and many television programs still aired in black and white. My step-granddad bought a large piece of colored gelatin that was taped over the television screen to turn it into a “color” television. The gelatin was blue near the top, somewhat a caucasian flesh color in the center and a green grass color on the bottom third of the magical color television conversion sheet. It was an awful idea and the gelatin was forever coming un-taped and curling on the edges as it had been shipped rolled.

Do note in the photo the neat high water pants and bright red socks I was sporting to match the yellow pullover shirt. I’ve always been a slave to fashion. More interesting is the cypress paneling that walled the den.

The house this photo was taken in still stands to this day and last time I saw it (which was many years ago) the house was appeared to have been very well kept over the years with a neat, tidy lawn and fresh paint.

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