Cooling off on the Strip

Image of the Day – Monday, June 15, 2009

Lys Cooling Off On The Strip In Las Vegas

Lys Cooling Off On The Strip In Las Vegas

When my wife Lys and I were married on Valentine’s Day, 1998 we were unable to take a honeymoon due to work obligations. We managed to spend our wedding night away from home about 45 miles away on False River in New Roads, LA but nothing I’d call a real honeymoon. Lys and I waited patiently and in what seemed like no time at all we were approaching our tenth wedding anniversary.

Not wanting such a significant anniversary as the tenth to pass us by without a splash we decided to take our long overdue honeymoon to Las Vegas. For the first time in our marriage my wife and I left jobs, children and worries behind, boarded a plane in Baton Rouge and flew to Las Vegas for a week. I must say that was one of the most wonderful, memorable weeks of my life and it was a joy beyond imagination for Lys and I to have so much time together without a care in the world.

This picture was taken at a small street side bar on The Strip in Las Vegas where we’d stopped to rest our legs and have a cool drink.

I’ve decided to do absolutely no post-processing of this image as it’s one of my favorites of Lys – I like it just the way it is.

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