Behind the Plate

Image of the Day – Saturday, June 13, 2009

Taylor Behind the Plate

Taylor Behind the Plate

Last evening was a wonderful summer day and night. I spent the afternoon visiting with my brother Tony and nephew Derek and doing not much more than puttering around town running a few errands. As the afternoon gave way to evening I made my way out to the softball field to watch my granddaughter, Taylor, play some softball. It was a bit of a special game in a silly sort of way: it was Taylor’s first game since having her braces removed and revealing the most beautiful smile you’d ever want to see.

You can’t see that smile in this picture but I chose it as my image of the day anyway. I dearly love to watch my granddaughter play catcher. From that position I can get some great shots of her in action and this is one of them. Though there isn’t much action in the shot the layout of the field allowed me to be closer to her than usual. So close I removed my 70-300mm lens in place of a 18-135mm. I grabbed this shot early in the game and before ever getting the image downloaded off the chip I knew I had a winner.

For some reason she looks a bit sad but I know behind the plate and playing ball is what makes this wonderful young lady her happiest. She’s simply looking down the first base line to her coach for the signal to send to the pitcher.

This is the most recent picture I’ve posted to date – less than 14 hours from image to post – but I can already tell this will be one of my favorite pictures of Taylor playing softball for a long time to come.


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