Image of the Day – Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Modeling in Photography A-School

Modeling in Photography A-School

When I was a student at the U.S. Naval Schools of Photography in Pensacola it was often as a student I’d need someone to pose or model for one of my assigned shots. It was also understood in order to get others to volunteer to pose for my shots I in turn had to pose for their shots. Like most all students I found a buddy who often posed for me and I for him. This is one of those shots and though you can’t tell I know the photographer was a young man named Dave Raines. I don’t remember what assignment we were shooting or which camera was used for the assignment. This like about 90% of our shooting assignments was to be shot obviously in black and white and it was in A-School I developed my ongoing love for black and white photography and images.

I never particularly cared for this shot but my wife has always liked and with that endorsement it manages to slip in as today’s image of the day.

I was an A-School student from September through December of 1977 and I’d guess, based on the uniform I’m wearing, this would have been either September or October. Though being in Pensacola, Florida a short sleeve shirt in November or December wouldn’t be unusual.

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