In Honey’s Lap

Image of the Day – Monday, June 8, 2009

Mom & Joey circa 1983

Mom & Joey circa 1983

The image for today finally introduces my oldest son, Joey. He’s pictured with his grandmother who my children knew as, “Honey”. When my first child was born my mother insisted on being called Honey because by her way of thinking she was simply too young to be a grandmother and didn’t want to be called by a typical grandmotherly like name by the kids. She was right about one thing – she was indeed too young to be a grandmother but we put her there anyway.

This picture was taken at Christmas time and most likely Christmas Eve as that’s when we usually gathered at my parent’s home with the children. This was about the time my mother got her first SLR also so I’m guessing this picture was the first or second Christmas she had her Canon AE-1 Program. That Canon took a many a family picture over there years and my mother used that Canon for well over twenty years before getting a new camera late in her life. In my mind’s eye it’s still quite easy to picture my mother, with her award winning smile, and that AE-1 flung over her shoulder. It is my mom who is the photographer of many of the images you’ll see here and they’ve simply come into my possession now.

Joey is a grown man now and thirty years old with children of his own and a lovely wife, good job and a comfortable life. His Honey was always so very proud of Joey and I know she would be even more so to see the kind of fine man he’s become. But we always knew Joey would be that way.

By the way, I still have the Canon AE-1 Program used to take this picture and though it has a few cosmetic blemishes and a little bit of brassing it still works just as well today as it did when it was used to snap this image.

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One Response to “In Honey’s Lap”

  1. Hey Hon, what a pleasent surprise to see my sister-in-law, my sister and my best friend.. of course Joey is just precious.
    You have done a great job putting all this together.. Miss ya.

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