Vipers Softball – The Girls of Summer

Image of the Day – Sunday, June 7, 2009

#33 at bat for the Vipers

#33 at bat for the Vipers

The look. The stare. The signal. The wind up. The pitch. The swing. The hit. It’s summer and that means baseball – or in this case softball. About three weeks ago on a clear, warm, muggy south Louisiana morning I shot some pictures of a girl’s fast pitch softball game and caught this shot.

Her hands well placed and her stance near textbook with eyes on the ball and her swing rounding about at waist level #33 addresses the ball and makes contact sending a scorching hit between the short stop and second base.

With one eye on the ball and the other on first base the batter becomes the runner and begins a mad 60-foot dash from home plate to the first base bag. With dust kicking up beneath her cleats as she speeds along the baseline the opposing team’s short stop makes her play on the rapidly approaching ball.

#33 Out at First

#33 Out at First

Playing the ball well the shortstop snatches the crisply hit softball off the first bounce and in a clean, smooth motion hurls the ball to her teammate at first base who easily makes the catch and the play that puts the runner out at first.

Though this at bat didn’t work well for #33 her team won this game and advanced in that weekend’s tournament. #33 would have a good tournament personally making several fine defensive plays including a memorable stretching, twisting catch in the outfield of a long fly ball that brought onlookers to their feet. The Vipers would go on to finish eighth in a field of twenty teams in the tournament.

In case you are wondering exactly who #33 is – that’s my granddaughter, Taylor. Taylor is a great softball player and will be on her high school’s volleyball team next year but most important of all isn’t her athletic prowess – Taylor is also an honor roll student.

Last February my daughter and son-in-law’s home caught fire and was severly damaged. Until repairs to their home, which are still ongoing, are complete they’ve had to live in a nearby apartment. Despite such a disruption of her young life and the loss of so many of her personal things Taylor has maintained her grades in school and continued to improve her softball skills while at play.

I’m very proud of my granddaughter and that at the young age of fourteen years old she is as fine an example as you’ll come across of what being a “student-athlete” is all about.

The “at bat” image was shot with a Nikon D80 using a Nikon 70-300mm lens. The image was captured at ISO 1000, 1/500th @ f10 and zoomed to 300mm. I did some marginal cropping and adjusted the curves and, of course, a touch of noise reduction. The “out at first” was shot the same but no adjustments were made other than cropping.

Go Vipers!

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  1. Great Shot!

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