Shannon as a Toddler

Image of the Day – Friday, June 5, 2009

Shannon circa 1979

Shannon circa 1979

One of my fondest most cherished memories are of the short time when my oldest child, Shannon, was a toddler. Shannon was the brightest, most cheerful and fearless toddler you could imagine. I was new at being a dad and everything she encountered was new to her. This image was captured in Virginia Beach, Virginia where we lived for a while when I was stationed at the nearby Oceana Naval Air Station. I’ve always liked this available light picture of my daughter because that’s the smiling, laughing face that’s burned into my mind as one of the most beautiful things I’ve personally ever seen.

I find it interesting she seems so amused at nothing more than a sandwich, a harmonica and whoever is behind the camera.

I did little to this image you see. A little color adjustment (it’s a scan so that’s almost necessary) and a little noise reduction.

~ by rfoxx on June 5, 2009.

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