School’s Out!

Image of the Day – Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Brother, Sister and Myself

My Brother, Sister and Myself

By the last day of May most school age youngsters have begun their summer vacation. I have two teenagers under my roof and they’re in their favorite part of the year which was also my favorite part of the year when I was a kid too. It’s sad to see them “bored” on summer vacation and knowing they have no idea how fleeting a summer vacation from school truly is.

Which one of us wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to take two or three months off during the summertime and have someone else foot the bill for everything? They say, “you can never go back”, and I believe that. Summer vacation is as prime an example of that as there is out there. Once that special time reserved only for kids has ended it ends for good. I think we work towards retirement with the subliminal memory of hot summer days having fun as a kid behind the whole idea of retirement.

This image is of my brother (left), my sister (center) and myself on what surely was a spring or summer day. The croquet balls and mallets giving away what we must have been doing that warm afternoon. The house behind us is in the Glen Oaks area of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and knowing how the house is oriented and where we’re posing in this picture and the shadows I’d say it must have been between the noon to 3pm part of the day and no doubt playing croquet in a fairly large backyard. If I had to date this picture I’d place it circa 1970-1971.

My brother and I don’t see each other or speak very often any more and my sister died in a drowning accident in 1976 but on this day we looked like we were happy to be playing together and smiling, healthy and content. It may have just been our mother insisting on smiles – I don’t recall – but it made a nice picture to enjoy nearly forty years later.

I’ve chosen not to manipulate or enhance today’s image – I like it just the way it is. The image is a scan from a Polaroid camera so today I again don’t have a sharp image to work with and that was one reason I let it go as is. There was minimal cropping to remove the border around the edges and to draw the image in line with a 35mm format.

~ by rfoxx on May 31, 2009.

One Response to “School’s Out!”

  1. I sent this link to the guy who makes my prosthetics. They don’t believe me when I tell them how awful my old legs fit. That was real shit. You might not notice it, but it stands out like a sore thumb to me. Thanks for the picture.

    It’s still hard to see pictures of Kay. I’m crying as I type this. We shouldn’t have lost her.

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