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Image of the Day – Saturday, May 30, 2009

Me and my Bride at a Zebra Concert at the Texas Club

Me and my Bride at a Zebra Concert at the Texas Club

This image is from a night in February of 2005 at the Texas Club in my hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Texas Club has for the last couple of decades put on a few good shows a year. The place is spacious and has multiple bars to accommodate large crowds. This particular night my wife and I took in a concert at the Texas Club and enjoyed a fun evening together listening to the loud, blaring, rock-n-roll rhythms of Zebra.

We wandered all around the bar seeing the show from many different angles and even made our way up to the small balcony to get a bit of a bird’s eye view of the whole concert. Though we were up later than usual for a weekday night and getting up the next morning was a little tougher than usual we had a great time this night and look forward to the next show at the Texas Club.

Like yesterday I”m including the original image along with the enhanced version. The original was shot with a Kodak point and shoot camera and was held at arm’s length for this shot. I’d hoped to get a bit more of the band in the picture but shooting your own picture you don’t always get the exact composition you may want.

This image was improved first creating a channel layer and darkening the image a bit then doing some burning in on our faces to offset the harsh flash that was no more than two feet from our face and burning in some of the background to make other concert goers blend into the darkness. Finally I performed a simple noise reduction to soften the image. Lastly I used a cloning tool and healing tool to blot away some of the lights in the background to “blacken” the background then a touch of selective cropping.

Original Image

Original Image

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