A Stringer of Catfish

Image of the Day – Friday, May 29, 2009

My grandfather, Dewey Dupuy

My grandfather, Dewey Dupuy

This is my maternal grandfather, Dewey Dupuy. We never called him “grandpa” or “pawpaw” or the sort – to us he was simply,” Dewey”. I don’t have a lot of pictures of Dewey, however, the few I do have of him will show up here over time as I’d like to take a new look at each one of those treasured images more closely.

I supposed most everyone is quite fond of their grand parents. Dewey had been in the army back in the 1920s and was in the cavalry. He was in the real cavalry – he served on horseback. I know precious little of my grandfather’s early life but I suspect it could be described at least early on as “hardscrabble”. Him and his family hail originally from Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana.

My grandfather would retire for the evening at 6pm and rise at 2am, often to go fishing. The exception to his routine was on Sunday when he stayed up until 7pm to watch the latest edition of the country and western variety show, “Hee-Haw”. I remember my grandfather as a kindly man who enjoyed strong coffee and a cold Miller pony and had a large garden producing for much of the long growing season in south Louisiana.As you see him in this photograph is about exactly how I remember him. A man of just above average height and slight in stature with old-fashioned, thick eye glasses. Dewey never seemed in a hurry to move from one place to the next and his movements always seemed measured as though he were pacing himself under the searing Louisiana sun.

I’ve included a before and after image today. The image below is the scan of the original photograph and the image above has been cropped to bring it more in line as far as composition is concerned and removing the dark area under the covered area and the side door helped de-clutter the image. A bit of tweaking improved the color and brought out some details. The original isn’t a sharp, well focused photograph and consequently the final enhancement of the image is limited.

Original Scan of the Image Above

Original Scan of the Image Above

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