One of Shannon’s First Steps

Image of the Day – Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shannon Taking Some of Her First Steps

Shannon Taking Some of Her First Steps

Shannon, my oldest child, was just learning to walk when this photograph was taken of some of her first, wobbly steps in my parent’s backyard. The picture was shot with an Instamatic 126 camera. Shannon had crawled to the tree and pulled herself back up on her feet to continue work on her biped motion skills.

I was in photography school in Pensacola, Florida at the time and on a weekend visit home I packed the negative into my bag and brought it back to Pensacola with me.

The color processing and printing module of my photography school was about to begin and we were allowed to use any negative for our color printing training and this is the image I chose to train with. To my recollection the printing wasn’t difficult despite the 126 negative as in those days it was a reasonably common format and the school had negative holders to fit the negative. Some cropping was required to put the image into an 8×10 format as a 126 negative was square or very close to it.

Sure there are some nasty highlights because the picture was taken in midday light but I’ve found often our favorite “pictures” aren’t necessarily perfect photographs.

The original, hand-printed 8×10 from the fall of 1977 remains in my possession to this day. Shannon is thirty-two years old with a teenage daughter of her own now but this photograph always harkens me back to a time long ago when my “baby girl” was still just that – a baby girl.

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