Conquering of Chimney Top

Image of the Day – Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brandon at the Summit of Chimney Top

Brandon at the Summit of Chimney Top

We’d been hiking throughout the Great Smoky Mountains for a week and had logged a couple score of miles along mountain trails. On our last day in the Great Smokys we tackled what was sure to be our most strenuous hike of the trip: Chimney Top. At about four miles in length round-trip the distance belies the trail’s unexpected toughness. Brandon had been looking forward to this hike and with his usual vim and vigor he soon out distanced the rest of our group and made his way along the trail.

Eventually I arrived near the summit of Chimney Top only to find Brandon not much more than a speck atop a huge rock outcrop that was the last leg of the trail to the summit. Scaling a near vertical climb up a craggy crevice I finally made my way to the summit to join Brandon. Once at the summit with Brandon, Lys and Niko we found ourselves before long all alone at the summit and the expanse of the Great Smoky Mountains laid before our eyes in a sweeping three-hundred sixty degree view.

This image was taken of Brandon striking is conquering pose while standing at the very highest point of Chimney Top. We eventually gave up our spot atop the Great Smoky Mountains and slowly made our way back down the mountain. As we came to the end of the last hike of a fabulous vacation Brandon and I stood on a foot bridge taking in the sights and sounds of rushing mountain stream we took time to savor the moment and finally say, adieu to the mountains while at the same time incubating thoughts and plans for our next visit.

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